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At YoSpace, we believe that every project is an important milestone in our journey. So we position ourselves as a boutique digital agency, custom tailoring impactful digital solutions with industry best practices across the board.

Our clients are unique and an offshelf product wont add value to them. We study the requirement, complexity of problems, along with the objectives. We design the software based on their longterm and shortterm business strategies.

Custom Application Development

Excellence comes with being passionate. And we take our passion seriously to deliver excellence that others are scared of. Dealing with numerous clients with all kinds of requirements, we specialize in building custom software solution. Maximize your ROI with our custom-built, high impact, secure, scalable, and meaningful products.

At Yospace, application development is not just a technical process rather a complex combination where science and technology meet creativity. Our experts come from various industry backgrounds and bring with them a wealth of knowledge which is crystallized into the final product. Our clients are unique and an offshelf product won’t add value to them. We study the requirement and complexity of problems, along with the objectives. We design the software based on their long-term and short-term business strategies.

Process we follow

Requirement analysis

Understanding customer requirments and objectives gives us clarity on the desired end product behavioural expectations.

Requirement analysis is critical to the success of any software solutions. The requirements shall be documented and actioned in every continuing phase of the project.

We take an extra mile to discuss with every stakeholders in the project, to identify the pain-points and wishlist. The processes are measurable, testable, traceable and related to identified business needs or opportunities and shall be defined to a level of sufficient system design without any conflict of interest.

Data flow study

Softwares are solutions to handle specific tasks and they deal with different types of data fed by the users to process.

So the data should be used in a defined model, variables and constants, to achieve the optimal result. Defining the flow of data in such systems are extremely important to make sure the values are not compromised and leakage or breach of security is not happening.

On completion of the project, system stress test shall be conducted to ensure the document data flow is performing well. Such data shall be used for debugging and optimising the performance of our solution.

Software engineering

We compile the informations gathered in the previous sections with technical good practices to define the architecture and to design the solution. Defining layers, technologies, API Protocols, deployment environment, security, system scalability and disaster recovery plans are considered in this section.

Deployment & Monitoring

UI / UX designing, database creations and architecture designing are the major areas in this section. Our development team shall do the programming as per the structure defined.

We follow modular development to comply with object based methodology and integrate with the framework. Documentation, quality control and stress testing happens in this section.

Once the development and quality control is completed, the system shall be deployed in staging servers for User Acceptance Test (UAT). After successful UAT the system shall be deployed on production server. We are committed to monitor the performance and optimise the system if needed for a period of time to ensure that we delivered a high quality product.

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