Make it Big

Communicate Loud and Clear...

"Mega Promotions" which has taught us a science of attracting new audience across Mobile Network Operators and inMedia World, together with our consortium of partners and esteemed clients, we have already been successful across 150+ Mega Campaigns, 40+ different MNO's, 4 Continents, 35 different countries, 16 time zones, 19 different languages with 500Million + interaction generated and a participant base of 25+ million... need to say more?

For TV and Radio Channels:

Lets take a quick look at our targets ...

  • Unlock new & sustainable subscription-based revenue streams @ TV/Radio Channels
  • Reward TV/Radio Channels listeners with a combination of attractive mechanisms
  • Boost revenue streams with on-demand MO SMS mobile participation

Interactive Campaigns

Turn your data into profits using a long tradition of our expertise. Allow your customer to communicate directly with you instead of using a common social media platform always - Make it a personal experience!

Yo!Space can conceptualize, develop and manage Interactive SMS solutions whether for customer engagement or even short/long tactical assignments. Our Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP) allows you to setup a client engagement channel to either promote a product using incentives for participation or simply disseminate information directly to the palm of the customers as part of an exclusive club.

We have been helping businesses and non-profits execute successful Interactive SMS Campaigns since 2003. You don't have to figure everything out as you go along. We can work with you to make sure your first campaign is a success.

Call us and we will have a mobile marketing professional from our team setup a no-obligation meeting.