We believe our clients know their business better...

We create supportive and inclusive environment by enabling our digital platforms for bringing value to the market place

About YoSpace

YoSpace is a brand name of CITI Telecommunications International and is strategically based and operates from UAE, in the heart of one of the largest technology community in the Middle Eastern region to help companies keep abreast with continuous technological advancements and re-engineer their business process to suit this information age. YoSpace is a global end-to-end enabler of perfect solutions for governments, organisations and communities by integrating different verticals such as ICT technologies, Fin-Tech solutions, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, IoT, Data warehousing and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc... to serve the objectives of our clients. Citi Telecommunications along with its brands and its associate partners are capable of handling complex technology platforms from concept to deployment. We are serving the market since 2003 and accumulated lot of practical experience from different markets. We work with our specialized consultants and proven technology partners by creating specific project based consortium to deliver the best result in minimum time frame and with reasonable budget.

As an ICT Company

We define ourselves as Technology and Marketing Company and sell tailor-made services and innovative solutions rather than off-the-shelf products. In this respect, people are important and recognise the necessity to continuously upgrade the skills of our employees in order to meet the expectations of our Customers and Partners.


The success of our Clients and our Company is interdependent. Our mutual well-being is best achieved through the establishment of long lasting business relationships. Our Customers wish to have the right products and solutions provided in the most efficient, timely and economical manner. We are fulfilling our responsibility and we continue to provide this service to an unparalleled degree.


Value makes the difference in the market place. Hence creating uncomparable value is our ultimate goal and commitment to the market. Relationship with Customers, Clients, Partners, Employees, Share holders and every links in the valuechain, is imperative to success.


Realistic analysis of current available resources and situation helps us identify constraints and problems. We compare with global standards and good practices to find the best possible solution within identified criteria’s and local resources. Technology plays a big role in our solutions to make smooth operation and achievement of short term as well as long-term goals for our clients.

We use most effective software engineering model to make sure the involvement of client representatives as well as experts who have local market experience.


In last two decades of market existence as an active player in technology and communication, Yospace as a brand and CITI Telecom as a company, been blessed with immense opportunities to work with different agencies, organizations, government departments, telecommunication companies and so on.

In our journey, we have associated and joined hands with many small medium and multi national technology providers such as Microsoft, Master Card, Intel, Dialogic etc… to name few.