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Financial Technology (Fin-Tech) is a revolutionary rapid move of technology, to contribute in simplifying the financial industry and its sectors for easy adoptability among multitude, which evolved by touching many dimensions in developed as well as developing countries. Information and Communication Technology is growing to its peak by adopting new age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and Blockchain. Hence the governments and organizations across the globe is seeking unified data management solutions to enhance the security, welfare and prosperity of its citizens and the country.

YoSpace along with its technology partners, have created userfriendly and highly scalable solutions, by bringing the best possible blocks together. We design and develop suitable solution specific to the market with localisation for improved user experience and adoptability.

Financial technologies from YoSpace

Payment Solutions

We strongly believe the newage digital payment solutions should be connected to an ecosystem rather than a stand-alone solution and this is where YoSpace become extremely relevant. Our portfolio includes USSD based legacy micro payments to the most modern multi currency hybrid wallet of crypto and fiat currencies.

We provide payment solutions based on the requirement, local environment, service offerings and convenince of the consumer.

Our software solutions are designed to address the rapidly growing consumer needs and for the providers to address such requirements quickly. The interoperability of modules in payment solutions as well as the core banking and retail banking solutions, does the magic of an accelerated approach to the market.

We provide the technology platform and components you need to succeed in the fast-changing world of retail banking and integrated digital commerce.

  1. Payment solution platforms
  2. Integration modules to core banking
  3. Multi currency mobile wallets
  4. Card management solutions
  5. Payment Gateway Modules
  6. KYC & compliance system
  7. Digital exchange software
  8. Crypto wallets
  9. Telecom recurring billing platforms
  10. Telecom micropayment platforms
  11. Telecom on demand billing system

We provide solution for digitalisation of existing currencies, which includes issuing, distributing and authenticating.

Existing currency digitalisation shall still go on a controlled centralised environment under the controll of central banks and authorities. All transactions are clearly trackable as in the current cash based banking solution. The demand of electronic currency, is increasing day by day, as e-commerce transactions and peer to peer payments are growing drastically.

Currency Digitalisation

Digitalisation of currency brings lot of benefit to the ecconomy as it brings cost effectiveness and convenience. More and more central banks are moving to this direction to catchup with the pace and demand of market ecconomy. The instantaneous peer to peer transfering possibilities and trackability of electronic transactions, made the mobile wallets and digitalisation of existing currency favourite to the consumers as well as merchants. The existing currency digitalisation shall give a smooth transition to the ultimate goal of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

The benefits are:

  1. eliminate the high cost of cash handling
  2. increase convenience
  3. brings the transaction handling from days to minutes
  4. increases the efficiency of cross border transactions

Ensuring the large proportion of circulating currency remains within the banking system, thus enhancing the efficacy of monetary policies and economic stabilization measures and increase the proportion of transaction carried out electronically, approaching the global trend.