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What is Document Management System (DMS)?

Document management is an important aspect of any organisation, whether it is a startup or an established multi-national organisation. When the business define a system to manage their company documents and implement processes and procedures in a structured way, it becomes a document management system. In our philosophy, every company shall have its own unique way of managing documents to suit its business objectives. Our role is to assist the business to digitize the schema for ease of use and performance efficiency.

We add value to the process, by providing custom design and development, for improved user experience and high level security with access control to the document. Centralised implementation of such solution makes it easy for accessing the documents even on the move.

Our digital signature module added to the document management and archiving solution, helps to control the authenticity and security of documents, by making the information tamper-proof.

We value three important aspects of any document, which are :

  1. Legitimacy
  2. Reliability
  3. Availability

Document Solutions

We design the document management system with precision on highly scalable architecture. The system shall be defined in a modular structure, to ensure cost effective solution to match the requirements.

Our DMS solution allows businesses to control the registration, approval processes, management, distribution, storage and archiving of electronic documents, etc. The approach we follow, is to ensure the effectiveness of the system in searching, recalling and reusing documents in the future.

  1. Document Registration
  2. User Management and Access Control
  3. Work Flow Management
  4. Approvals & Rejections
  5. Digital Signing
  6. Performance Analysis
  7. Audit Trails
  8. Archive Management

Our document management software builds a comprehensive repository of files of different nature for future use and decision making as well as to improve productivity. This makes easy and quick file sharing between different work groups and departments.

Major challenge in document management is to maintain the work flow to accelerate the decision making process and re-usability of the documents. Our document indexing module allows the user to quickly search and retrive the document. The advanced search capability allow the users to search any characteristic of the document, which they could relate to it and retrieve them without any hassle.

Digital Signature

Digital signature is a complex mathematical solution using cryptography to ensure the authenticity of the electronic documents. As this can provide origin, identity, authenticity and status of each document signed, this is considered a most secure way of signing a document against tampering.

This system shall be integrated to the Document Management System, with automated public key and private key generation process for registered users. A second level of PIN (Personal Identity Number) shall be implemented for each users to confirm the users sign in, with a randomly formed key pad on the site to avoid any hack / bot entries.