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bibee - the Business Bot by Yospace, is now the center of business messaging. bibee is a single light weight, multilingual, cloud based conversational, white labeled, chatbot solution providing multiple services, which gives the user the ease of maintaining a single interface, rather than having a crowd of different apps. She is a smart conversational agent of software application that automate various aspects of customer support. She is the future of customer experience & has the power to replace search windows & apps and can oversee Customer Support, Lead Management, Customer Satisfaction Survey and so on. The greatest advantage over other chatbot applications is, there is nothing to install, nothing to download, no need to sign in, not necessary to update & bibee doesnot take up any storage space.

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Can be used to make smarter bots & to make general assistants

Bots can be trained to do tasks.

Guide the bots through flows (booking, making requests)

Hook into external systems (reservations, customer service, APIs)

Bots can answer simple questions, with more complex queries being passed to a human.

Security Features

AES Encryption

Data at rest and in transit is always encrypted by using AES 256 bit encryption In our CHATBOT.

Token Management

Our Intelligent CHATBOT Platform manage users' tokens for every and each communications & transaction.

Single Sign-On

Configure Single-Sign-On for user Authorization for all sort of services.

Security Compliance

Our CHATBOT has been vetted by 3rd Party security assessment agencies for data security & vulnerabilities compliance.

Key Management

Enterprise administration have full & complete control over the enterprise key store in order to decrypt message.

PIN Lock

Additionally the devices security using personal PIN lock can be configured by each user.

Chatbot Benefits For Business
Purchase Process Simplification
Personalized Service
User Experience Improvement
Service Integration Opportunity
Customer Care Improvement
Resource Saving
Key Modules